Causes of parodontitis

Advanced periodontal disease with destruction of periodontal apparatus and formation of a deep periodontal pocket.

The main cause is bacteria that gather between teeth and gums.
Unless they are consistently removed using a toothbrush and dental floss, they form so-called dental calculus, a hard uneven coating. The immune system’s attempts to fight the bacteria cause inflammation. This manifests with redness, swelling and a tendency to bleed. It is this inflammation that destroys the supporting tissue unless it is treated.

Several factors influence the risk of developing parodontitis. An important one is the patient’s age, as well as gender. Men suffer more often from this disease than women. Smoking, stress and obesity also increase the risk.

It is very important to know that studies showed a clear correlation between an existing parodontitis and an increased risk for arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, premature birth.
Parodontitis also aggravates diabetes.