Digital 3D-x-ray

At our center for 3D-radiology we have one of the latest x-ray units at our disposal that are currently available for head radiology – a digital volume tomograph (DVT).

Our interdisciplinary cooperation of ENT physicians and oral and maxillofacial surgeons enables quick results in head diagnostics.

The high-definition images permit profound diagnostics and a perfect treatment plan. As an immediate consequence both patient and the treating physician are able to enjoy a maximum level of safety.

Also, as opposed to common computer tomographs (CT), the radiation exposure is much lower with our DTV.

Accomplishments of 3D-X-ray

Advantages in a nutshell: higher level of visible detail, higher precision in planning, higher level of safety in treatment.

As opposed to common x-rays, where we project a two-dimensional image on a digital film, the DTV creates a three-dimensional representation of the scanned object.

It is possible to tilt and turn the computed stereogram any which way as well as analyze its separate “slices” individually. Thus we are able to discern even subtlest patterns. The data constitutes the planning basis of our surgery.

Dr. Unkel and Dr. Dr. Höllering M.S. (USA), M.Sc. Implantology, M.Sc. Ästhetische Gesichtschirurgie und Dr. Unkel