Treats infected tissue that ties a tooth to the jawbone

Periodontology is a special field of dentistry that deals with the tissues that surround and support the teeth, as well as medical conditions that afflict this tissue and ways to treat these conditions. As in the other fields, functional and aesthetical aspects are addressed. Parodontitis leads to a degeneration of jaw bone and gums, which makes a set of teeth affected by this condition unpleasant to look at.

The two main periodontal diseases are gingivitis, also known as inflammation of the gums, and parodontitis, an inflammation of tooth-supporting tissue leading to the formation of pockets and a degeneration of the jaw bones.

Whereas gingivitis usually only heals through improved dental hygiene, parodontitis permanently damages the supporting tissue and can lead to a loosening or even loss of teeth if it is not treated. Treatment is possible in many cases, but it is very important to visit a dentist early on because the further the disease has progressed the more difficult it becomes to heal.

According to a study on dental hygiene in Germany released 2006, 75% of all Germans over 35 years old suffer from parodontitis, making it a very widespread disease.

Periodontitis treatment

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