Root tip resection

Tooth before treatment

Root tip resection means that the root tips of a tooth are removed surgically. This is usually done using local anesthetics. Generally, this is considered a last resort measure, in case all non-surgical root canal treatments failed or were deemed unpromising.

Operational procedure
After the application of a local anesthetic the surgeon makes an incision in the teeth ridge and seperates the tissue from the underlying jaw bone. The root tips are freed and removed. After that, any cankerus tissue is removed also. Using ultrasound, the suregon mends the root canal and closes it. He then sutures the wound.

Treatment of inflamed tooth

Of course, we will provide you with pain medication as well as an ice pack.

What needs to be taken into consideration is, that a tooth thus treated will have a reduced life expectancy. However, should you decide against this treatment, the tooth had to be removed altogether and the gap be filled with a prosthesis or an implant.