Implants for safety and aesthetics

Among all available varieties of dental protheses, implants combine functionality and aesthetics best. Other implant types can’t match their optical perfection.

Single implant

The actual implant is an artificial root for the tooth that is replaced, usually made from titanium or ceramic. It is firmly attached in the jaw during surgery. The materials used are biologically neutral, that means there is no rejection by the body’s immune system. Out of all types of protheses, they are the first to actually replace a lost tooth. This brings improved functionality and the feeling that it is one of your own teeth, not a prothesis.

Implants as support pillars

Implants can also be used as support pillars in case a number of lost teeth is to be replaced by a permanent prothesis. This technique also has the benefit of conserving any healthy neighboring teeth that would otherwise have to be abraded to anchor the prothesis.

Fixation of a removable denture

The first step is a detailed analysis of the situation inside the patient’s mouth. That way any hidden inflammations can be treated and the risk of structural stress occurring after the implantation is minimized.

Implantations in all cases are surgical procedures, so it is understandable that most people look for experienced and highly trained implantologists to perform the operation. We are looking forward to a detailed consultation and hope we can greatly improve your quality of life.

Another possible application for implants is denture support. Implants stabilize the denture on the jaw bone and help to preserve the bone. As usual, the dentures can be removed and reinserted easily, i.e. for daily cleaning. But, compared to regular dentures, this method disposes of several problems like sore spots and the usage of adhesive cream and it guarantees a secure attachment when speaking, laughing and eating.